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A readable and thought-provoking analysis of Africa and the possible future prospects accessible to Africans.
In a world that is constantly and rapidly changing and more so since the beginning of the twenty-first century, how is Africa coping in the unfolding global social and technological developments? What kind of future is Africa facing? In Imagine the African Future, Elli Glevey challenges us to engage with the conceivable prospects confronting Africa.

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Drawing on Africa’s progress since the period of decolonization in the mid-twentieth century as a means of understanding the complexity of the African situation, Glevey argues that in spite of the monumental challenges facing Africa there are unique opportunities for an African renaissance if Africans are genuinely prepared to tackle their problems in unity.

Imagine the African Future is bold in challenging Africans to hold their leaders accountable in safeguarding their human dignity and entitlements as the foundation for their future wellbeing.

The book will appeal to readers with a keen interest in Africa’s development.

About the author: Elli Glevey was born in Ghana and educated in England. His other books include Thinking & Education and On Being African.

Publication Date: December 2017
Published by Monamau Ltd jointly with Books of Africa Ltd –
Market: Politics, Development Studies, History, Philosophy, Education and Human Rights
127mm x 203mm; 210 pages

Paperback Book ISBN: 978-0-9571458-1-8 GBP 10.00