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Black Star: The African Presence In Early Europe by Runoko Rashidi


Rashidi’s best-selling book records the presence of Africans throughout the history of Europe from ancient Greece up until the 19th Century. The important role played by many of these Africans is not well known and is exposed in this well illustrated book.

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Black Star: The African Presence In Early Europe by Runoko Rashidi is a comprehensive, well-researched and illustrated history of the many outstanding Africans in Europe from the time of the Roman Empire to the 19th Century by an acknowledged expert in the field. Runoko Rashidi is one of the giants in the reclamation and reconstruction of the world history of Black people. The publication of this work establishes his reputation as a leading authority on the history of Black people in Europe.

As governments across Europe are back-pedalling on the few gains for multiculturalism and diversity, Rashidi reminds us of the long and interesting history that Black people have made or contributed to in Europe. It is an intriguing history, taking us from the earliest humans in Europe, through the earliest civilisations of the Mediterranean, through the Moors of the medieval world, and to the great Black individuals who made history in the different European countries. Finally, Rashidi shows that Black people have figured in the religious and mythological thought of the European peoples.

Published: 13 October 2011
Pages: 192
Size: 240 x156 mm
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9780956638021



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