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African Star Over Asia: The Black Presence in the East by Runoko Rashidi


What is the origin of the many Black populations in Asia? What are their links to Africa in prehistoric times? And in recent times? Runoko Rashidi’s reputation was based on his research and travels in Asia and this well illustrated book is a must for all those interested in Black history.

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African Star over Asia: the Black presence in the East by R. Rashidi concerns the origin of the many Black populations in Asia. What are their links to Africa in prehistoric times? And in recent times? Has history been distorted by other dominant populations? This is an immense subject which Runoko Rashidi investigates diligently. Rashidi’s reputation was initially based on his earlier work on the African presence in Asia.

This book incorporates his earlier work as well as more recent researches and insights. It refers to the researches of earlier scholars and it describes the Black presence in Iraq, Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Japan, China, Cambodia, Vietnam and the Philippines. It also covers the “age of enslavement”. The second part of the book is a more personal record of Rashidi’s travels and his encounters with black people in many Asian and Middle Eastern countries. It also includes articles on the same subject by other Black scholars. It is backed up by copious references and a thorough bibliography.
It contains 95 colour and black and white illustrations which back up Rashidi’s arguments.

Market: General, Undergraduate and Postgraduate, Student Reading List, Library, Black Interest, Asia Interest.

Keywords: Black History, World History, Race, Asia, Middle East, Africa. Europe

ISBN: 9780956638090. Paperback: 156 x 234 mm; 406 pages; 95 colour/b&w illustrations. 12th November 2012.


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